Discussion Post: How Important Are Book Reviews?

Hey guys! So today, I wanted to discuss a topic which I think is quite important?? I have noticed around the blogosphere that book reviews usually tend to get less likes and views. Now obviously, everything isn't about likes and views, but I've also occasionally seen less comments on review posts, meaning that people don't... Continue Reading →

6 Things That Makes A Reader Furious / Salty / Unbearably Frustrated / All Of The Above

Reading is a DANGEROUS hobby. Not only do we constantly face physical perils- like walking into walls while reading, or tripping over our own laces, we also deal with several emotional HAZARDS and THREATS. And to add to that, so many things in books just seem to work together to make us FURIOUS. Is it bad that... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Renegades

Book- Renegades Author- Marissa Meyer Publisher- Feiwel and Friends Publication Date- 7th November, 2017 WELL DAMN. I've never really been very big on superheroes- I find them really overrated. Till date, the only superhero movies I've seen are SpiderMan and half of The Avengers. So consider me surprised when I fell in LOVE with this... Continue Reading →

The Book Courtship Tag!

Hello readers! I’d been tagged to do this fun post by The Many Lives Of Aria the Blue Fairy a few weeks ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it! Go check out her blog guys, Aria has great book reviews and super fun tags over there! Let’s get right into the tag! PHASE... Continue Reading →

Music Book Tag!!

Hello there readers! Guess who finally did something with their life!! You guessed right, it's me!! I created a tag! So basically, I realised that though we have tags linking songs and books, we don't have any tags linking ARTISTS and books. And so I present to you- THE BOOKS AND MUSIC TAG!!! The rules:... Continue Reading →

Fall Book Tag!

Hello readers! I was tagged for this by the wonderful Kyera from Kyera's Library. Be sure to check out her blog for some great reviews and fun weekly memes. And credit to the lovely Shanah (Bionic Book Worm) who created this fun tag!! The rules: Please link back to me, Bionic Book Worm, as the creator... Continue Reading →

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