Sexist Tropes in Books that We’ve All Had Enough Of

Helloo! Today we're gonna rant about something I'm very passionate about- smashing the patriarchy. Sexist tropes in books are the bane of my existence, and so here I am to rant about what some of them are, and why they need to get the hell out. Let's get to it! 1. Damsel in Distress Is... Continue Reading →

Book Review in GIF’s- Crazy Rich Asians

Book: Crazy Rich Asians Author: Kevin Kwan Publisher: Doubleday Release Date: June 11th, 2013 A lil helpful breakdown of Crazy Rich Asians, so that other people like me who were curious about the hype don't have to be let down by the absolute pathetic-ness that this book was. Some white hotel dude Felicity Young to... Continue Reading →

My TBR For 2019!!

Should I have posted this in January? Yes. Do I want to be reminded of my failures as a blogger? No. So let's skip past the fact that this is almost 4 months late, and let me tell you which books I'm excited to read this year! i cant afford all of these, can someone help... Continue Reading →


Hi yes, I still exist and have not disappeared off the face of earth (honestly wish I could though). I know I haven’t blogged in like,,weeks?? but I’ve genuinely been so so busy. In the past two weeks, I’ve had 3 tests and 12 assignments due + I’ve also had the SAT. IB is genuinely... Continue Reading →

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