500 Followers?!? ~ I Don’t Have Any Words//I Die of Gratefulness + Hiatus Announcement

Firstly. I woke up to this amazing notification. 500 followers??!? OH MY GOSH. I actually, genuinely cannot believe this, and I cannot tell you how thankful and grateful I am. 500 people?!?! That truly blows my mind. I've never been very confident about my writing- though I've loved doing it, I didn't think I was... Continue Reading →


The Netflix Book Tag!!

Hey guys! It's New Years in like 2 days!! SO EXCITED. So I'd been trying to finish all my tags before the end of December, but that isn't possible now. So I'm just gonna try to finish as many as I can cuz I don't want to leave too much for next year. I was... Continue Reading →


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