Alternate Universe for My Favourite Books and Characters- weird concept I don’t know how to explain

Helloo! I went M.I.A for a little bit because the last week was literally so. HECTIC. I had like 4 tests, SAT prep (which is KILLING me btw), so many activities, and so much stuff to do, but I am now done with those, and I have a tad bit of free time on my... Continue Reading →


The Brooklyn Nine Nine Tag: Basically Screaming About My 2 Favourite Things In The World

THIS TAG??? DROPPED FROM HEAVEN??? COULD IT BE ANYMORE PERFECT?? (pls tell me someone got the FRIENDS reference). If I haven't mentioned it enough, Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of my favourite shows, like EVER. It's just so wholesome, an pure, and so genuinely funny, and I love all the characters soso much, and it just makes... Continue Reading →

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