The 100 Truths Blogger Tag- Picking Up Yet Another Opportunity to Ramble About Myself

Hey guys! It's been a while- it was my birthday a couple days ago which is when I initially planned to post this, (I'll take any excuse to talk about myself) but I forgot all about it on the day of my birth, so here it is now! I'm finally 16, and it feels AMAZING... Continue Reading →


Book Clichés- Love Them or Hate Them?

Our bookish world is made of clichés. In YA and fantasy, it is incredibly easy to stumble across these overused and tired tropes, and get this overwhelming sense of deja-vu when you feel like you've basically read the same plot in another book before. But though some of these tropes are t e r r i... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award pt. 3!!

Soo, guess who disappeared for a while again?! My school officially started around a week ago, and since it's my junior year and I'm doing IB, the pressure is already HIGH. I probably won't be blogging as frequently as before, maybe just once a week, and if I'm lucky, twice, but I'll try my best... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Restore Me

Book- Restore Me (#4 of Shatter Me) Author- Tahereh Mafi Publisher- HarperCollins Publication Date- March 6th, 2018 Yes, I know this is the fourth book of a series, and yes, I know I haven't reviewed any other books in this series on my blog, but I read this today and I JUST HAD TO WRITE... Continue Reading →

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