October Playlist: My Go-To Songs When I’m Reading

I literally start every single one of these posts with a "OMG I totally forgot this was a feature on my blog". So now, I'm just gonna do this when I remember to instead of reminding you guys every time that I'm a forgetful mess. October was a stressful month for me, and I think... Continue Reading →

How To Be In a Relationship With A Bookworm

Ironic that the most single girl in the universe is writing this post, BUT OH WELL THAT ISN'T GONNA STOP ME. Judging off my own personality, as well as some of my other bookish friends, dating a bookworm is probably not the easiest thing. We're moody, we prefer books over people, we're usually this close... Continue Reading →

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Hey guys!! It's been a while,,,I just sorta forgot about my blog for a bit? I've had an internship for the past three weeks in a lab for stem cell research, and it has been super cool!! But I've been working around 9 hours a day and just forgot all about my blog. But I'm... Continue Reading →

Study Tips for Exams

Hello! I'm back after a month long hiatus, which I fully blame on my exams. We had two weeks of Easter break to prepare for our final exams, and our exams started last Monday, and ended yesterday. My results are in, and I'm happy with almost all of them, and thank god for that, because... Continue Reading →

My TBR For 2019!!

Should I have posted this in January? Yes. Do I want to be reminded of my failures as a blogger? No. So let's skip past the fact that this is almost 4 months late, and let me tell you which books I'm excited to read this year! i cant afford all of these, can someone help... Continue Reading →


Hi yes, I still exist and have not disappeared off the face of earth (honestly wish I could though). I know I haven’t blogged in like,,weeks?? but I’ve genuinely been so so busy. In the past two weeks, I’ve had 3 tests and 12 assignments due + I’ve also had the SAT. IB is genuinely... Continue Reading →

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