500 Followers?!? ~ I Don’t Have Any Words//I Die of Gratefulness + Hiatus Announcement

Firstly. I woke up to this amazing notification. 500 followers??!? OH MY GOSH. I actually, genuinely cannot believe this, and I cannot tell you how thankful and grateful I am. 500 people?!?! That truly blows my mind. I've never been very confident about my writing- though I've loved doing it, I didn't think I was... Continue Reading →


The Book Feels Tag!

Hey guys!! So I was tagged for this AGES ago by the lovely Taylor from Tay's Infinite Thoughts, who also happens to be the creator of this tag!! Do check her blog out!! There aren't any rules except linking back to the person who tagged you and the creator, so let's get started! A Book/series... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Netgalley and Goodreads

Dear Netgalley and Goodreads,ย 

Today I discovered that your sites will no longer be providing services (or limiting services) to international readers and I am absolutely devastated.

Contrary to popular belief, America is not the only country in the world.

For those who are unaware of what is happening, Goodreads will, from January 2018, prevent authors from creating giveaways for international readers. Basically, authors will have to pay $119 for a giveaway base package, and $599 for the premium. Previously, all authors had to pay for was shipping. Read more here.

Netgalley, on the other hand, hasย severely limitedย the amount ofโ€ฆ

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End of Summer Book Tag!

Hey guys!! First off, I want to thank all of you for being there for me last week. If you've read my previous post, you know I've been going through a bit of a hard time, and had been kinda sad, but writing about it made me feel so much better. And what helped me... Continue Reading →

Down in the dumps

Hey guys. Hope you've been having a great week. This is a post completely unrelated to books and reading- it's just a post on how I feel. This week hasn't been that good for me. Infact, honestly speaking, the past few months haven't been good. Ever since I've moved to Singapore, I've had trouble with... Continue Reading →


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