Bookish Confessions: Collab Post With Liz From @dreamingofpages

Hey guys! Today, I'm doing something a tad different- this is my first collab post on my blog, and I collaborated with the wonderful Liz from @dreamingofpages ! Liz has an amazing blog, and she writes some fantastic book reviews, discussion posts, and a lot of relatable content for bookworms! Do check out her blog,... Continue Reading →


June Playlist: My Go-To Songs When I’m Reading

Yet another month is coming to an end! I didn't even realise it, because I haven't blogged almost this entire month, but I'm back! For the last couple months, I've started a new post on my blog- I share my monthly playlist with you! The last two I've done- April and May playlists- have been... Continue Reading →

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