Popular Books That I Despised: Unpopular Opinions

Hellooo, I'm here with some unpopular opinions today. Now I'm a quite easy-to-please reader. I like most books, my goodreads average is usually in the high 3 stars, and most books make me happy. But some don't. You're probably gonna notice a common trend below that a lot of the books I don't like tend... Continue Reading →

Sexist Tropes in Books that We’ve All Had Enough Of

Helloo! Today we're gonna rant about something I'm very passionate about- smashing the patriarchy. Sexist tropes in books are the bane of my existence, and so here I am to rant about what some of them are, and why they need to get the hell out. Let's get to it! 1. Damsel in Distress Is... Continue Reading →

The Daydreams Of A Bookworm

Is it possible to say the words "I have a dream" without instantly feeling like Martin Luther King Jr.? Because, well, I as a bookworm have a dream too. A lot of dreams. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who blissfully ignores every word being said in class and instead just dreamily stares... Continue Reading →

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