Life Update: What I Did This Summer

Hey guys! So I meant to post this a MONTH ago, but guess who forgot!! Let’s pretend it’s still summer rn and I’m posting this in my last week, cool thanks.

My summer is finally coming to an end, and school is starting up for the last time from Monday. That’s right, the last time. I’m going into my senior year, and ohmygod I still can’t comprehend the fact that this is my last year in school. I live in Singapore, and plan on going to college in either USA or Canada, and the idea is super exciting but terrifying at the same time, even though it hasn’t fully hit me yet. But I’ll save the college stuff for another post, today I’m gonna tell you guys what I did this summer!! So this was both a productive yet super unproductive summer for me. I had a TON of school work and college stuff to do, and I actually got all of it done. But it didn’t feel like that much while doing it?? I still had an insane amount of time to procrastinate, watch Netflix, watch every single David Dobrik video ever, and just chill without stressing! So here’s a breakdown of my summer!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 2.12.43 PM.png

24/06/2019 – 12/07/2019: Internship at a Cell Research Lab

This was a SUPER cool 3 weeks of my life. I interned at a cell research lab, where I helped with a lot of research for stem cells. I conducted lab techniques called flow cytometry and immunocytochemistry, and I shadowed some experienced scientists throughout their research, I also helped with some logistical and office work- packing brochures, checking and marking cell samples from different countries, and sooo much more cool stuff. The internship was an incredible experience and really gave me some insight into what a career in research would look like, which is pretty cool. My parents were not in town for 2 of these 3 weeks, so I was alone at home with my helper, so when I would come home from my 9-6 job, I would sorta chill around, watch TV, do some school work, and just really have fun. During this time, I also finished my math research project, where I wrote and designed a model for the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone in 2014. I also worked on my global politics project, which was to analyse the political issue of the treatment and situation of migrant workers in Singapore. And I also did a lot of my college research and editing for my common app essay!

15/07/2019 – 29/07/2019: Conducted a Dance Workshop for kids

So for two weeks, I was conducting a dance workshop for kids every day for an hour. I taught them Bollywood routines on 2 different songs. This was definitely a bit challenging, as I didn’t realise that 4-5 year old girls can actually be a handful, so I was surprised with how much restless energy they had. But it was a fun experience to teach such young children choreographies, and I really enjoyed the entire process! During this time, I also started writing my Extended Essay for school, which is a 4000 word essay on a topic and subject of my interest. I’m doing my essay for English, and I’m comparing “Gone Girl” and “Rebecca” in terms of the portrayal of females in thrillers. I also worked on my chemistry IA and my common app essay, so definitely had a lot to do!

30/07/2019 – 18/08/2019 : General work and reading

So for the remainder of summer, I finished my extended essay, finished basically everything else on that checklist, and read books in both english and hindi for my classes once school started! I also narrowed down and decided on the colleges I’ll be applying to in November!

This was definitely a super hectic summer, and it’s gonna be an even more hectic school year, especially till my college applications are done. If y’all are interested, I can spend a post talking about what I plan on doing in college, where I’m applying and why, my extra curriculars, and more, but I’ll only do that if any of you are interested in it, and if I feel like it later lol.

Are any of you applying to college this year/ are already in college? Where do you go and what do you study? How was your application process? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

– Rhea

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