Alternate Universe for My Favourite Books and Characters- weird concept I don’t know how to explain

Helloo! I went M.I.A for a little bit because the last week was literally so. HECTIC. I had like 4 tests, SAT prep (which is KILLING me btw), so many activities, and so much stuff to do, but I am now done with those, and I have a tad bit of free time on my hands, so here I am! I don’t really know how to explain the concept of this post?? My mom gave me the idea, because I am currently running very low on ideas and inspo for my blog, (if u have ideas, want to collab, anything, PLS DROP IN IN THE COMMENTS). Basically, I’m gonna be writing some of my favourite books on pieces of paper, randomly shuffling them and writing my favourite characters on paper, and randomly shuffling those. I’ll (randomly) pick one of each, and will then write about a little alternate universe where the character I picked is now a main character for the book I picked! It’s a little confusing, and I’m not sure how this is gonna go, but let’s give it a go!

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1. Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass) as a main character in Percy Jackson

This would be…interesting. Celaena is such a terrifyingly incredible character who would stand out so much in Percy Jackson. Where Percy Jackson is a mostly light-hearted middle grade book, Celaena would be a really twisted and dark, yet really interesting addition to the series. If Celaena was a MC, I think it’s almost fair to say that a lot of the wars and fights in the series would not happen, because Celaena being Celaena, would be way ahead of the game and would’ve crafted some wicked master plan right in the first couple books that would’ve had Kronos and his army at their knees. I think Celaena would either be in Cabin Athena or Ares, and would be one of the most skilled demigods, like EVER. Lowkey wanna see this happen now, not gonna lie.

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2. Hermione Granger as an MC in A Court of Thorns and Roses

Um WOW if I thought the last one was weird, this one definitely changed that. I can’t imagine Hermione as an MC for this series,,,it’s too,,,kinky?? UGH I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE SAYING IT. But y’know what I mean- Harry Potter is such a magical middle grade book, and is perfect for kids. ACOTAR is…not. But if Hermione was the MC for this series, I imagine her using a lot more wits than Feyre ever did. Not that I don’t love Feyre, but she didn’t always make the smartest decisions, at least, not until the last book. Hermione would have been put together right from the start, would NEVER have fallen for Tamlin, but she would also have not been as good as Feyre at the more physical aspects of the training Feyre went through. Where Feyre survived Amarantha on brawn, Hermione would have definitely done things a lot different, especially because she would’ve probably solved Amarantha’s riddle right on the first day.


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3. Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows) as an MC in Throne of Glass

THIS WOULD BE SO PERFECT. I WOULD PAY GOOD MONEY TO SEE THIS. Kaz is such a PERFECT fit for the Throne of Glass world. Cruel, cunning, incredibly skilled, and just straight up brutal, Kaz would be an incredible main character for this book. I can imagine him and Celeana as best friends, but also not really, because they’re both so alike. Honestly don’t know who would win a fight between them. Kaz is definitely more rational than Celaena from the first book though, and would’ve probably been more manipulative during the Tournament, but after the first book, they both are basically an even match.

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4. Percy Jackson as an MC in Six of Crows

AHAHAHA CAN’T IMAGINE. Percy is TOO PURE for the ruthlessly cruel world of Six of Crows. He’s too much of a goofball and definitely not manipulative enough for Ketterdam. But at the same time, I feel like I do underestimate him at times, because he did survive Tartarus and come out alive. Percy as a MC for SoC is hard to imagine, but maybe he could survive? He would definitely need Annabeth, and I think even together, the two would rely more on fighting and strength to survive the heist, but I think they could do it. Things would be a lot more different- Percy would be nicer and a more friendly leader than Kaz ever was, and I feel like he’d get on with Wylan a lot better, but he wouldn’t have the same edge to him that Kaz has.

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5. Cinder as an MC in The Mortal Instruments

I can actually see this! Cinder is a bit similar to Clary in some ways- passionate, a lil awkward, stubborn, but also undeniably smart and strong. Cinder would probably hate Jace for his cockiness for quite a long time, but I can see them slowly becoming a unit. Cinder would probably be more sensible than Clary about many things, but she would also be more stubborn, and I can visualise all the fights she and Jace would get into. I also think Cinder would get along with Alec a lot quicker than Clary did, though she would take longer to become friends with Izzy.

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Aaand that’s it! I’m still exploring what to do with this kind of post, so I’m not sure how this turned out, but tell me what you think, and if you like it, I might do a part two soon!

Do you agree with what I think? How do you think these characters would fit into different books? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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