How To Be In a Relationship With A Bookworm

Ironic that the most single girl in the universe is writing this post, BUT OH WELL THAT ISN’T GONNA STOP ME. Judging off my own personality, as well as some of my other bookish friends, dating a bookworm is probably not the easiest thing. We’re moody, we prefer books over people, we’re usually this close to bursting into tears about a certain book, and all the fictional characters in books make our standards for guys irl unrealistically high. But barring all that, it’s pretty easy to make us happy, so let me guide you on how to be the Percy to your Annabeth!

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The easiest way to a bookworms heart- BUY US BOOKS. I kid you not, if some guy out there just buys me books from time to time, MY HEART WILL BE SOLD FOREVER. It’s practically impossible to go wrong with buying us books, and most of us will love you forever for it. Books are really sweet gifts, and though we can be a little picky about what we read, we appreciate even the thought and effort if someone buys a book for us. So yeah, pls buy me some books :)))

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2. Get Us Food When We’re Crying Over Books/Characters

Okay bookworms need comfort food like,,,24/7, because we’re always crying about something. Favourite characters who authors kill, characters which are way too cute and way out of our league, or just, couples which are too goddamned cute to exist- we always have something to burst into tears about. So a couple slices of pizza + ice cream and cake would be something really handy to keep with you to shove into our arms when we’re getting teary. WE APPRECIATE FOOD AT ALL TIMES, TRUST ME.

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3. Do NOT Interrupt Us When We’re In the Middle of A Book

It amazes me that so many people do NOT get the hint that when I’m reading a book, I DO NOT WANT TO BE TALKED TO. If you want to know what book I’m reading, bend down and look at the cover instead of interrupting me and making me hate you forever. I would LOVE a guy who would not only know better than talking to me when I’m reading, but would stop others from doing it as well, just so I don’t clock them. And especially if a bookworm is sitting in a chair with their back all hunched, and the book held very close to their face- do NOT approach them unless you’re ASKING to be on the receiving end of some very harsh lashing out.

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4. Listen To Us When We Rant

Or, you know, at least pretend. Even if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just pick up on my body language and either scream and nod with me ecstatically for no apparent reason, or if I seem distraught, just shake your head and sigh and nod along. If you can actually carry out an entire conversation, congratulations, you’re on your way to getting married, but even if you can’t, just enthusiastic nodding periodically is enough to satisfy us and make us think you’re listening.

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5. Come With Us To Libraries

I know most people think that bookworms actually prefer being alone in libraries, but that’s not usually true! I would love to have someone to drag around with me just so that I can scream to someone other than myself without looking crazy, and so that I can gush to someone about the pretty covers. Just go along with a bookworm to a library and let them rest their head on your shoulder and read the book, and I promise, that would be like, their all time favourite date.

Related image                                   (yo the Beast was doing it right at every step)

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6. In Case of Emergency, Save the Book First

I’m not even kidding. If you see me holding a book and falling into a ditch, LEAVE ME AND GRAB THE BOOK FIRST. Your efforts to save the book will be appreciated a lot more than your efforts to save me, I know that sounds crazy, but if the book dies, I DIE TOO. So just ignore the sane voice in your head telling you to help the person first, just save the book and we will be eternally grateful.

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7. Most Importantly, Try Reading the Books We Love

You don’t have to read an entire series or dedicate your life to reading all our favourite books, but just give a go to a couple books we love. The books we love are so important to us, so just the fact that you’re trying, even if you don’t finish it, will earn you more brownie points than anything else ever could.

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Aaand that’s it! Do you agree with me? Does your partner do these things? What would you add to the list? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “How To Be In a Relationship With A Bookworm

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  1. This made me chuckle because it’s soo true! I would add.. if you DO interrupt us whilst reading with some ‘important’ information just know that it’s gone in one ear and out the other… My other half constantly swears he has told me stuff and I’ve not listened or remembered… Well duh! I was reading!

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  2. Personally, for me, dating a guy who is a reader is more of a bonus than a requirement. To this list, I would add: If you are not a big reader or actually don’t like reading, don’t make fun of me for liking to read. Don’t try to get me interested in other things just because you think books are boring and you don’t get it.


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