Discussion Post- How Important Are Site Stats Really?

Hey guys!! I don’t know if y’all noticed, but I’d taken a kinda miniiiii hiatus?? I’ve realised that I don’t actually enjoy blogging according to a fixed schedule- it makes my blog feel like a chore to me, and I’ve decided that I want to do what I enjoy, so I’m only gonna blog when I feel like it and it makes me happy- I don’t want to force myself if you know what I mean?? In December and January, I was blogging like 3-4 times a week, and I realised that really took the fun out of it for me. So from now on, I’m only gonna blog once or twice a week so that I can actually ENJOY it.

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So obviously, because I’ve been posting less, my site stats have dropped a bit. Not by a significant amount surprisingly, but still, they have dropped a bit. I would have thought that would affect me a bit, but surprise surprise- I realised stats aren’t exactly important to me!

Some people think: “Hey, stats aren’t important and don’t look at them! Numbers don’t define you, just blog for enjoyment.” Other people think: “STATS are important and help you grow as a blogger, because in some ways, they do help you measure your success!” I totally see both these view points, and I agree with both to an extent, but I personally as I said, am not affected by stats much.

Now obviously, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate every single person who follows me, or that I don’t feel happy when someone likes or comments on my post, because it DOES. I love a day when I have great stats and lots of people are viewing my blog. bUT stats and the number of  views doesn’t really matter to me as much. But I have realised, stats are something which are quite important to a lot of bloggers, and I understand why. But I also think that stats should only matter to a certain extent, and shouldn’t become the main reason for blogging. I don’t think that numbers of your followers, likes or comments should define how successful you are as a blogger or whether your blog is worth reading or not. However, I do think stats are important to help you grow as a blogger, and to show you your improvement over time.

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So here’s a small discussion post: How important are site stats? Here are a few reasons why stats are pretty important and should be looked at:

  • They give you an idea of what kind of posts your audience enjoys reading
  • They give you an idea of your blogging success in numbers
  • They show you your growth and improvement over time
  • Let’s be honest- they give you validation and make you feel good
  • Blogging is something which takes a lot of time, energy, effort, and brain cells, so it’s satisfying to know that people like and enjoy reading content you work hard on

And here’s some reasons why stats really DON’T MATTER:

  • Numbers don’t define your worth- just because you don’t get as many views or follows as the neighbouring blog doesn’t mean you and your content aren’t amazing as hell.
  • Numbers cannot quantify your passion
  • Blogging is all about passion- as long as you’re writing content you are proud of and makes you happy, stats don’t matter
  • The blogosphere is a big world, and it’s not easy for your blog to kick off as soon as it starts. Give it time, because blogging is a slow but honestly rewarding process

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.53.42 PM

This is honestly just my opinion, and I’m sure everyone has some different views and insights on this. For me, blogging isn’t about the stats as much as it is about the fun, but I’m really interested to hear everyone else’s opinions on this, because in some ways, stats is a pretty controversial topic, and I want to know what y’all think.

Let’s chat! Tell me your opinions in the comments below!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


25 thoughts on “Discussion Post- How Important Are Site Stats Really?

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  1. I used to care a lot more before. Admittedly I still kinda care, but not to an obsessive mode. It just helps me set goals and to get moving because I need some physical manifestations of whatever it is I do for me to be productive at it. At the end of the day though, it really is just numbers.

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  2. Ton of great points here. It has to be something you love, otherwise, it shouldn’t be done at all.

    And while I love doing it, I like to see some kind of results attached to it. Because there are a lot of things I love to do but most of them don’t have a way of having results tied to them.

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  3. I love this post so much! When I first started blogging I was obsessed with the stats that I burnt my self out for a bit. I had to take a break and look at the real reason why I wanted to blog and that was so I could write my thought and love for the books I read to others who love them too. It’s hard to not think of stats but I believe no one blog is better than a other. We all started at the bottom and worked our way up.
    Wonderful post 🙂

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  4. I try not to look at my stats too often, because they don’t tend to make me feel very good about my blog. Honestly the only stats I really care about are the number of comments, because interacting with other people who share my love of books is my favourite part of blogging. But I don’t really care about that because of the numbers, just because I want to be interacting with people. If that makes any sense. I’m still half asleep, so it might not…

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    1. That’s true!! Interactions and comments are honestly so much more important, because the fact that people want to talk to you about the things they love is honestly the best feeling! In the end, stats are just numbers

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  5. this is such a great post! i was on my third or fourth consecutive month of, like, really good stat growth going into this month. and then i started putting a lot of pressure on myself for this month to be the best yet. like i was literally calculating how many views a day i needed in order to improve on february. and then i had this comically exaggerated realization of the fact that stats don’t matter??? and boom. instant hiatus required.

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    1. Thank youuu! Yesss samee!! In December and January, I’d been doing the same thing, but now that I sat back and thought, I realised that’s really not important. And YES the realisation has put me into hiatus mode too, because now I’m just blogging when I feel like it and when I want to- not cuz of any numbers.

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  6. Oh wait I posted that comment by mistake. Sorry! What I wanted to say is that stats matter as long as one looks at it in a positive way. It shouldn’t come in between our passion fr blogging. As long as we are enjoying writing posts and having fun stats don’t actually matter. Because I don’t think some numbers can define any blog’s worth. I don’t actually pay much attention to stats but I agree that really good stat growth makes me a lot happy and motivates me to continue writing.

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  7. Great post!! STATS is such a.. rjgbkrjbgjrg topic?? I just feel that it’s not worth looking at them when blogging is the thing that you enjoy, not collecting the stats, but it goesn’t hurt to see nice stats on a post that you’re proud of ahah ;D

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  8. This was a great post. Stats do matter to me. I would not say it’s the only thing I focus on. But I like to write and post content which would be appealing to readers so at times I control myself from writing quite a few things. But I’m just a little more than a month old in the blogging world. So I guess would get settled with time!!

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    1. That’s interesting too- I guess as long as you like and enjoy what you’re posting, then it’s all good! And just checked your site- and wow you’re doing great for a new blogger! I love your posts!

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  9. Wonderful post, and I absolutely agree. I have been posting consistently for the same day every week, and only once a week, but I can see the fluctuations in stats in my blog. I still cannot figure out what makes that happen, and to be honest, I don’t really care.
    I do care a bit about the numbers at times. Like whenever I see that in past few days my view count has been low, it boosts me up to comment more and write better posts to gain more views. So in a way the stats are a great way for me to try and make my blog better.


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