Reasons Why I Would Follow/Unfollow A Blog And Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About It

Disclaimer: I am NOT calling out any blogs or bloggers over here, and this hopefully won’t offend anyone. Do whatcha wanna do on your blog! I’m just gonna be talking about some things that make me want to follow a blog, and reasons why I might not follow a blog 🙂

It’s pretty easy for me to like blogs. I check out all blogs that follow me, and I also actively look at tags in the reader to find new blogs. But at the same time, I don’t follow all blogs. When I’d started blogging, I would follow back EVERY SINGLE BLOG that followed me, even if I didn’t care much about the content. It came to a point where I was following about 300 blogs, and I could keep up with literally none. That’s when I stopped and did a MASSSS unfollow of blogs whose 1. Content was something which wasn’t really my cup of tea 2. Blogs which I interacted with like NEVER 3. or blogs which hadn’t posted in like monthssss. Again, not calling anyone out, but these are things which I like to see on blogs. So here are some things which make me follow or unfollow a blog.

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1. Is your content something I am interested in?

So, I’m a book blogger. Which means that most of my blog interests lie around in the are of book blogging. If I see some cool posts about book discussions, or book reviews, book tags, rants, and other bookish stuff, there is a high chance I will stalk and then follow your blog. I usually don’t follow any other kind of blogs, because being the nerd that I am, I’m not interested in much else. That obviously doesn’t mean other things aren’t good too, blog whatcha wanna blog!!

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2. Do I continue to like your blog?

Sometimes, I kind of drift off from blogs I once used to like. My interests or the other persons interests might change, and I realise that I don’t like their blog as much as I used to, or their content isn’t the same as what I’d followed the blog for. I’m not saying that a person shouldn’t change their content up if their interests change, but I usually like to stick to blogs that have the same interests as me because it gives me reasons to interact with them.

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3. Do I enjoy interacting with you/do you interact back?

I loveee commenting on blogs. I have a very busy schedule, so I’m not always able to comment on posts I love, but usually, if I see a post I really like, I comment and fangirl on the persons blog to show my intense fangirlishness of feelings. I love it when the blogger has a sense of humour like mine, is intensely fangirly and passionate about what they blog about, are sarcastic, and are basically someone I’d like to hang with irl, I follow the blog. I also like nice people, so I like it when a blogger responds to comments, comments on other people’s posts, and is just generally a smol and nice human, and that usually makes me click that lil’ follow button.

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4. Do you post consistently?

Now I’m not saying I want to see a post every day, but more of, do you post quality and interesting posts atleast once or twice a month? If a blogger hasn’t posted in like five or six months, I usually unfollow them? Now if it’s a blog I used to really like, I always have the question, “What if they come back? They might’ve ACTUALLY been really busy.” Because hey, sometimes people are really busy and have a lot on their minds, or just don’t feel like blogging, and that’s okay! In those cases, I don’t unfollow the blog.But if someone hasn’t posted in AGESSSS and I’d forgotten about the existence of their blog, then I usually unfollow it, because my main thing is too keep up with posts of all the bloggers who I reallyyyy love reading.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.53.42 PM

5. Does your blog look nice?

I’m not big on how a blog looks. I understand people not being very artsy, because I’m HELLA unartsy, and my blog isn’t really very pretty. That being said, I do like to see atleast a little bit of colour on a blog to brighten it up, and I need the font size to be a good enough size that it doesn’t strain my eyes and I can read it easily. I also like seeing some pictures to break all the lines, ar maybe some gifs as well. But blog looks isn’t thaaat big a factor for me. Though of course, it is an added bonus if a quality content blog is also really pretty like yesssss.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.53.42 PM

6. Do we have similar opinions?

Now obviously, I know all people are different and we all have our own opinions, and I 100% respect that. But I like it when I can relate to what a blogger is saying, so I can go in the comment section and scream about how relatable they are. But I still do love interacting with people who have different opinions from me, because I get to see other perspectives, as long as they are nice about it. I’ve had some bad run ins with people who were rude about me not having the same opinion as them, so I definitely like to see how someone reacts to different opinions.

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7. Are you enthusiastic and passionate about your content?

I loveee seeing a blogger who is confident about their content, and loves what they post. I personally think it’s very clear when a person is passionate about what they are writing, and I think it makes a BIG difference when someone is clearly passionate about what they are talking about, because it makes their post so much more personal an interesting. You connect with them a lottt more. If a blogger is confident about what they post, and doesn’t care whether I like or don’t like their blog, because they LOVE their blog, then I immediately respect (and probably follow) them, because it takes a lot of confidence to love your own stuff without worrying about others.

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8. Is your content unique/do I see your own voice coming through in your posts?

Do you post a variety of different kind of posts, and can I hear your voice and opinions coming out potently in the post? I love seeing people post about what they care about and being 100% unapologetically themselves in their blog. I like seeing a blogger screaming about something they love, or being witty and sarcastic about everything, because that shows their own personality coming out, and that’s greattt. If I feel like someone is kinda passive/just a part of the big crowd, I might not really follow it, or I might unfollow it.

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Why unfollowing a blog is okay:

  1. You aren’t obligated or required to follow a blog just because you did at one point, because you can stop liking something you liked before, and that’s perfectly okay!
  2. It’s really hard to keep up with tooooo many blogs, so it’s completely fine to only invest in blogs you really love and enjoy reading so you can keep up with them.
  3. Um, it’s your life, so you can do what you want
  4. I personally think it’s better to unfollow a blog rather than follow it and never comment or like it and end up being a ghost follower

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.53.42 PM

Do realise that this is just my personal opinion and I am not “setting standards” for your blog, and you do not need to meet up to what I like in a blog. Blogging how you want is the most important thing, and this is just my personal opinion. I hope I didn’t hurt any feelings with this post!

Do you agree with me? Do you follow loaaads of blogs? How do you deal with it? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


27 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Would Follow/Unfollow A Blog And Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About It

Add yours

  1. I don’t usually unfollow blogs unless they haven’t posted in awhile! I am much more picky about who I follow now though! I want to be able to interact with the blogs I follow and I just can’t do that if I follow too many. I also follow primarily book blogs who post a mix of reviews, tags, memes, discussion, etc. If a blog only posts reviews I am less likely to follow! I will instantly follow anyone who seems passionate! Great topic!

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  2. This is so true!!! Sometimes, I get neverous when I unfollow blogs because people put lots of hard work and time into their blog and I just ditched them. I do instantly follow anyone who seems confident in what they’re posting!!! Those people impress me a lot. I normally feel some kind of self-doubt.

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    1. Yesss I used to get nervous too, but now I’ve started accepting that it’s important to know which blogs you truly love, because it’s best to keep track of them. Aw no need for self doubt, your blog is amazing and you should be proud of it !!❤️

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  3. I usually go through and unfollow blogs a couple of times a year, mostly following the same guidelines as you do. Lack of posting or if they’re into books I’m not really into or if their content just isn’t my cup of tea are usually the main things, because I don’t have a ton of time and can only spend so much blog hopping. I don’t think there’s any harm in unfollowing blogs or being unfollowed, since you want the people who follow you to like your content and want to read your content.

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  4. Such a wonderful post, and I agree about your last points. I do unfollow a blog several times. It’s difficult for myself personally, mainly because a lot of the blogs I see in my Reader post a lot of YA books, and at the moment I’m just not interested in YA anymore. So I’m in this sort of dilemma of whether I should unfollow these blogs or not, because I’m just not interested in their content anymore, even though I like their blogs in general.

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    1. Thank you so much!! It’s perfectly okay to unfollow blogs whose content doesn’t interest you right now, because it’ll be easier for you to keep track of blogs you really want to read! Hope this post helped!!

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  5. Really enjoyed reading this so while you are unfollowing people on Wp I am going to follow you for speaking the truth. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed them, along with yours 😂

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  6. I am kinda late but this post is just what I needed. I agree with you that sometimes it’s okay to unfollow a blog because well it is not a rule to follow every blog you lay eyes on (this sounds weird) and obviously it’s our life. There are quite a few blogs I follow which I hardly ever visit so this post gave me reassurance that it is okay to unfollow a blog.

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