Sunshine Blogger 5.0!!

Helloooo guys!! So I had decided to drastically cut down on tags and awards on my blog, and I haven’t done one in quite a while. But when the lovely Emma from @emmareadstoomuch nominated me for this, and I saw the amazing questions she’d given, I knew I had to do this. Check out her blog ASAP, cuz she’s the funniest and wittiest blogger around!

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  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog.

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The Questions:

1. Kiss, marry, kill: The main characters of the last three fiction books you read.

So the last three books I read were Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (re-read) , Blue Lily Lily Blue, and Wonder Woman: The Warbringer. The MC’s are: Harry, Blue, and Diana. This is pretty easy then?? I’d kill Harry, he’s a bit too annoying and whiny for me, I’d kiss Diana, only cuz I love Blue and I want to marry her because she’s so cool and quirky and weird and I love her.

2. Would you rather be an elegant princess/prince type character in a fairytale, or a witchy badass villain?

The witchy badass villain, because I personally love a good villain, and being badass is YESSS. Where’s the fun in being elegant anyway?! We need cooler and more badass villains tbh.

3. You fall into a pit of acid or get bit by an exotic spider or into a verbal altercation with a wizard, and you’re given the power to pull things out of books. Which book are you reaching into first???  

HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH QUESTIONS LIKE THIS. My first thought was Throne of Glass, because considering it’s a world with lots of weapons and survival stuff and strong people who can save me, I’d probably reach into it and pull out an assassin who can save me from being destroyed. I wouldn’t do very well myself, even if I did have a weapon.

4. You’re being sent to a desert island and you can only bring one book, and it has to be one you haven’t read yet. What book are you bringing?

Hmm so if I was on a desert island, I would probably be really bored and i would need something funny. From what I’ve heard, A Gentleman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue is really fun to read, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to read for a while, and the main characters name is Percy, so that’s probably what I would take.

5. Link your favourite blog post of yours!

Oooh a post of mine that I quite liked and thought was kinda funny is my post “Tropes That Turn Me Into A Fire Breathing Chihuahua

6. Which Hogwarts house would you most want to be in, and which do you want to be in least?

So I’m a Hufflepuff, and I quite agree with the Sorting Hat on that, because that’s really matches my personality. I’d want to be a Hufflepuff most, and I think Slytherin, though I have nothing against the house, is the least like my personality, so I think I’d want to be in that the least.

7. Would you rather have a pet unicorn or grow a mermaid’s tail when you touch water?

THIS IS HARDDD. I think I’d rather grow a mermaid tail?? They have such shiny pretty tails, and that would be sooo helpful for swimming, so I think I’ll go with that. I DO LOVE UNICORNS THOUGHHH.

8. The last book you gave 5 stars and the last book you gave 1 star?

I recently finished The Hate U Give, and I gave that a soliddd five stars. It was so powerful and heart breaking and made me angry and sad and was just such a good read. The last book I gave 1 star…hmm I usually don’t have bad reads much, but Half-Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat was possibly the worst book I have ever read EVER, and is lower than even a one star. #SorryNotSorry

9. Who’s a popular author you’re just…not that into?

I’m personally just not into Veronica Roth. I’d liked the first book of Divergent, but the other two books had just been MEH to me, and I’d thought it was pretty boring and unnecessary. I didn’t have any emotional connection anywhere, and Tris had been annoying AF. I haven’t picked up Carve The Mark yet, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon.

10. Show you’re currently watching, or last one you watched?

I’m currently re-watching the entire show of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’m on Season 3, and UHJNRBURB I JUST LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCHHHH. After this, I plan on starting Stranger Things, which I’m veryy excited to start.

11. Picture this: You’re at the altar, about to say “I do” to Cornelius (or Cornelia) Wainwright III, a disgraced businessperson who is only marrying you for your chocolate factory fortune. You dramatically say “I can’t do this” – which fictional character or celebrity do you confess your love to instead?


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Annnd that’s it!! These questions were amazing, and I had sooo much fun answering them!!

I Nominate:

@Hanna Reads

@Rants and Reviews


@Beware Of The Reader

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My questions are:

  1. A villain from books who you think needs to be appreciated for how wonderfully villainous he/she is
  2. A series/book you would want to rewrite
  3. Something you hate about Harry Potter? (if you’ve read it. Otherwise: something you hate about a popular book?)
  4. A trope in books that you actually enjoy, and why
  5. Five favourite music artists!
  6. Link a favourite blog post of yours!
  7. A popular dish that you don’t like
  8. A classic that you love// if you haven’t read any classics, a classic you would want to read?
  9. Who is your godly parent from Percy Jackson? (assuming you’ve read it)
  10. A female protagonist who you really admire and look up to?
  11. Which author would you want to write your autobiography?

And that’s it!! Thank you Emma for these wonderfulllll questions and the nomination! I had a lot of fun answering this. Thanks for reading guys!!



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