How To Manage School and Book Blogging and Stay Sane At The Same Time


Ironic that this post is coming from me- the world’s least organised person who can manage neither school work nor her blog, and who is also the biggest procrastinator EVER. YET, here I am, dishing out tips on how to multi-task and manage two extremely time consuming tasks without falling behind on the other miserably.  Let’s get right into these!

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1. Plan and organize your day

Yes, I know, this is easy to say but difficult to do. I’m sure you’re all thinking, “WELL, Rhea, we all know this already, but it DOESN’T REALLY WORK DOES IT.” But see, the thing is, even if you just make a rough outline or schedule of your day, the chances of you being productive and actually getting work done are exponentially higher than you not having a schedule at all. What I do is that I plan out an outline of how I want to get my work done- I’ll get back from school and rest for an hour, do some homework for an hour, read for an hour, blog until my eyes are swollen shut, and spend the rest of the night panicking over the homework I didn’t finish. I usually accomplish the last three things on my list extremely well- the others, not so much.

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2. Keep your priorities in mind

Keep in mind what is more important in the long term. In the end, no matter how annoying it is right now, your education, and the hellhole we call school is actually immensely important and matters more than your blog. So if you have exams coming, or if school life is really stressful, don’t feel guilty about taking time off your blog and going on a hiatus so you can focus on academics, because unfortunately, ACADEMICS MATTER.

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3. Try to blog at times that don’t interfere with your work

A lot of times, I realise that I won’t have time to blog once I get home because of my homework. So instead, I find time to blog in the little breaks I have in between the day so I can save time. So I blog in my lunch breaks, in between short breaks in classes- in all the short breaks I get so I don’t have to waste any time at home.

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4. Don’t try to take on too much

It’s really important to be self aware and to know how much work load you can take. If you have a lot of school work, but you’ve been writing three posts every week, don’t be stubborn and stupid and tell yourself you can manage. Because lets be real, you can’t. Cut down on your posts if you have to, and just post once a week, because there is no point of being unnecessarily stressed just because you’re to stubborn to see the right option.

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5. Make an advance plan of what you want to post

A lot of bloggers spend way too much time thinking about ideas of what to post right on the day they are supposed to put up a post. And ideas for your blog aren’t always easy to come across. You should try to have all your ideas for what you want to post for the next few weeks planned in advance so you don’t waste too much time. I for example, have about 11 ideas written on a sticky note on my bookshelf so that on the days I need to put up a post, I have an abundance of ideas ready way earlier.

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6. Don’t compare yourself to others

This is the MOST important thing on the list. There are some extremely talented, well organized, annoying people out there in the world who are capable of managing four posts a week, studying, and completing all their homework on time. Do NOT compare yourself to all of these people and think you aren’t good at blogging if you don’t do the same- everyone has their own capabilities and you should only do as much as you can without getting too stressed.

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That’s all for today! Do you agree with my post? Do you procrastinate a lot like me as well? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


29 thoughts on “How To Manage School and Book Blogging and Stay Sane At The Same Time

Add yours

  1. Hahaha I AM PRETTY SURE I FAILED STEP 0 : STAY SANE. Yup pretty much failed in that category UPS.
    I usually just…don’t do the homework 😂? I am a horrible student and nobody should procrastinate this much I swear ok this can’t be good.
    BUT I find that planning and scheduling posts HELPS A BUNCH. I wished I discovered the schedule button waaaay earlier then I did 😂.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhaha I relate 😂 I’m a pretty bad student too, and there are days when I’ve written essays in an hour straight, even though I had a week to do them. But yeah, some kind of planning definitely helps. AND YESS THE SCHEDULE BUTTON IS A BLESSING


  2. I just note the times I have between classes to do work and blog. Then I do a list of most important to least important in my head before the day starts. Each thing gets done as I have time. I find that the easiest for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so useful for me!! Thank you so much for this post😊 I’m a huge procrastinator, with blogging and school work (but much more with school work…😕😂)
    It sucks how school has to take up so much blogging time. But yeah, it’s a priority and I’ve got to put it first 😦 I feel like I manage them both well, but not at the same time. I feel like I’m managing because I’m choosing to do blog work when I could do school work. Or I’m just lucky that I don’t have a social life that takes up time? I honestly don’t know😂
    Great post once again!❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha same!! Procrastination is just a part of me now.
      Yes exactly! I choose not to do my school work but my blog instead, and that’s definitely not a good thing. Yes, my social life is pretty non existent too😂
      Thank you so much!!!


  4. the post i didn’t know i needed…but absolutely knew i needed. i completely failed at balancing blogging/goodreads/bookstagram vs school/work last semester!!! hoping this semester is a stronger showing??? great tips, great post, v needed

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG YES! This is such brilliant advice, for new bloggers and older bloggers!! I think that it’s really important to remember to prioritise and schedule/plan things since that will lead to less stress, which is the LAST thing that anyone wants/needs!
    I’d love to spend all my time blogging and reading, but ii know that it’s not my priority and that educations has to come first.

    Great post, I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post. Ultimately time management is key, in my opinion. Planning your posts ahead, at least just in your head is very useful. And then I usually only write my posts on weekends, and weekdays are for prioritising your school work. However I still browse through my Reader and respond to comments three-five times throughout the weekday! 🙂

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