Top 5 Tuesday- Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog


Hey guys! Back with another top 5 Tuesday, and this weeks topic is amazing- top 5 reasons why I blog!! (btw I LOVE all the topics Shanah comes up with, they’re always so good!!!) Honestly there are TONS of reasons why I blog, but let’s go ahead and list the most important ones!

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme the lovely Shanah from Bionic Bookworm hosts. If you are interested in taking part in it, then go ahead- she welcomes it! Here is a list of the remaining November topics if you’re interested in participating. 

  1. It makes me happy

This shouldn’t be a surprise. (I hope) I blog, because nothing except pizza and the Dolan twins and reading makes me happier than blogging about a book I read and sharing my small and not so important thoughts in this huge blogging world. This blog makes me feel like I have a voice and an opinion, and that there are people who hear and agree with my opinion, even if it’s just on the smallest things. And it’s really satisfying to think that someone read what I wrote- what I put effort in, and liked it, maybe laughed at a part and felt happy. And the idea that I made someone feel happy makes me feel happy, so it’s a circle you know?

2. Getting to fangirl with amazing people

A lot of times, I feel like people don’t understand how strongly I feel for books. They think reading is just another hobby to me. NO. Reading is my LIFE. The books I read, the characters I become friends with, the places I travel in my imagination- they’re such a HUGE part of me- I can’t undermine them by dismissing them as just another hobby. And people don’t understand my love for books- how happy they make me, how much I love a beautiful cover, how sad I feel when my books are damaged. They just write me off as over-dramatic and nerdy. I’m neither! I’m just really passionate about something that means a lot to me, and the blogging world is the only place I find people who understand me and feel the same way I feel- cuz you guys are like me too, and it just feels good to know I’m not alone.

3. I can talk about anything without being judged

My blog is basically my happy place. Whenever I’m sad or angry or just have a lot on my mind,I KNOW, that I can log onto WordPress, whip out a quick ranty post about how I’m feeling, and I KNOW, that you guys will help me out and give me advice without judging me. I feel everyone becomes more understanding in the blogosphere- because when we don’t know the person personally, we look at every perspective and we don’t have any bias and we’re just ready to be more understanding to people. And so I love that I can talk to you guys anytime about how I’m feeling, and atleast one of you will always be here to help me out!

4. I get to talk to so many people and make new friends

So I want to set this straight first. I’m not nerdy. I am smart, and I do work hard and get good grades, but I don’t study all the time, I almost never finish my homework, and I love to procrastinate just as much as sloths love to sleep. But because I love reading, I’m instantly assumed to be nerdy and boring and anti-social and emo and what not. I’m literally none of those. Yes, I’m kinda introverted, but that doesn’t mean being anti-social, being an introvert just means liking alone time. I’m actually really friendly and fun, and when people get to know me, I’m downright crazy and weird, but the problem is not many people bother trying to get to know me. I read, which means I’m boring apparently. But that doesn’t happen in the blogging world. Cuz here, we’re more accepting to people and who they are, and are cool with each person being exactly themselves. People here don’t assume I’m boring- we all talk to each other like we meet every single day, and that’s amazing to me- that none of us have met even once, yet we’re all such good friends.

5. It gives me so many more books to read!

Honestly, I get to know about SO MANY books cuz of my book blogging community. The book reviews and the hype and the tags all help me figure out which books to read, even though it really overloads my TBR. I’ve read so many amazing books I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up like Six of Crows, Strange the Dreamer, and just recently, Geekerella. The book recommendations i get from here are usually spot on, and SERIOUSLY HELPFUL.

That’s all! I do realise that I became really deep and stuff in some of my points, and opened up about some things more than I intended to, but that’s what I love- this is your space, and you can do what you want here! Why do you guys love blogging? Let’s chat!


Thanks for reading!


25 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday- Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog

Add yours

  1. I agree sooo much. I never realized how much I would actually get from blogging when I started. I’ve talked to so many people and found so many books.

    Although I still feel like i’m awkward as hell sometimes, I think this is helping with my general/social anxiety too. I’ve been forcing myself to comment and respond and not backspace on everything I type.

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    1. Same!! I thought blogging would just be a time pass for me, but it’s become so much more than that.

      And it’s great that this is helping with your anxiety! It’s great that blogging can help you feel better, and makes you more comfortable with yourself!

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  2. Love this list! ❤ I'm so grateful that the book blogging community is so friendly, accepting, and wonderful in general. When I first started blogging years ago I never imagined that it would become such a big and fun part of my life! 🙂

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  3. Great list! I love that you mentioned getting to Fangirl – those were my words exactly!! And being in a place where you can say things without being judged is SUCH A GREAT POINT! We all understand that books aren’t the same for every person and we all take away something different. Even if our opinions differ from someone else we still understand and respect their thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing your reasons!

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  4. GIVE IT UP FOR THE NON-NERDY BOOKWORMS!! I’m literally the most extroverted worst students you can get (mostly because I LOATHE STUDYING WITH THE RAGE OF 7 FIERY DRAGONS and I relate to that sloth association a bit too much). I still have decent grades for some reason. A mystery to the world.
    Ahhh the bookblogosphere is the best community on the internet I think! Everybody is so nice and kind and supportive! I’m glad I have friends to fangirl with now!

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    1. YESSSS. People need to understand that there are extroverted bookworms, and they gotta stop with the judging us before knowing us!! I’m not VERY extroverted, but I am really friendly, so I get so annoyed when ppl just assume I don’t talk cuz I read. Like hello???
      And yesyesyes go book blogging community!!!

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  5. I blog for all of these reasons, but I think the biggest reason for me is the interaction with other people who get me in a way that nobody I know IRL does. I love being able to fangirl with people about all the wonderful books I read, and the blogosphere gives me a place to do that.
    I also feel like I’m able to be way more open with people online. It’s so much easier for me for some reason.
    So I guess I blog mostly because of the people, because there is such a wonderful community of book bloggers. I love it.

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    1. Yesss!! The blogosphere is really the most open and warm place where you can just really be you, and people don’t judge you for it. And it makes me so happy to see fangirls who are as crazy as me, I need to meet more of them IRL!!

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  6. Oh this is a really nice topic! I completely agree with all the reasons you mentioned! It’s the same for me. Having a small corner in the internet for yourself, talking about anything you want is something I never want to give up.


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