Book Review- When Dimple Met Rishi

Firstly, I apologize for being missing for the past three days- even though that isn’t a very long time, it seems like a lot of time away from the blogosphere??? But school is basically trying to drown and kill me with the workload, so I end up occasionally vanishing from here. NOW ONTO THE REVIEW.

Book- When Dimple Met Rishi

Author- Sandhya Menon

Publisher- Simon Pulse

Publication Date- 30th May, 2017

When Dimple Met Rishi

THIS BOOK IS THE REASON WHY I PREFER TO STAY AWAY FROM THE HYPE. I had such high expectations from this book!! I’ve been wanting to read it since like July, because literally EVERYONE seems to be in love with it. And it’s not a BAD book. It was cute, and funny and relatable. It’s just not particularly good either. I sure as hell don’t see what the rest of the world seems to see in it.

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Dimple Shah is your average Indian girl with an above average love for coding, a girl with your typical Indian parents and their typical hunt for the “Ideal Indian Husband”. Dimple obviously doesn’t have time for all this drama. A serious coder who has cracked her way to Stanford, Dimple wants to be a part of the InsomniaCon web contest even though it costs. A LOT. So imagine Dimple’s surprise when her traditional parents say yes! Are they really supporting her coding, or is there something she isn’t seeing?

Rishi on the other hand is a hopeless romantic. Living up to his parents expectations since day 1, Rishi is all aboard for arranged marriages, so when he finds out his could be future wife is attending the same summer programme as him, a summer programme called InsominaCon, Rishi can’t wait to see what she’s like. Except that the girl is our very untraditional and fierce Dimple, who gets all the more fierce when she gets to know just WHY her parents allowed her to InsomniaCon. Will Dimple’s annoyance towards Rishi change into friendship? And even if it does, will she be ready to leave her lifelong passion of coding for something that may not last?

What I liked:

I really liked the way the story began. Dimple was a really interesting and fun character, especially considering her very traditional mother. The story started off strong with Dimple and her aversion to all Indian customs, which was actually really funny to read about. Being Indian myself, there were many cultural references I related to and had a really good laugh at. Arranged marriages are very common in India, so it was absolutely hilarious to read about Dimple hating on them on one side, and Rishi totally supporting them on the other. The book did have a plot, atleast in the first half, and that was a light, cheery, and enjoyable story line and kept me pretty interested in it, and also invested in the characters. Also, the book is really easy to read, it’s something you can breeze through real quick and pick up for a light and cute read.

I really liked Dimple. Fierce, strong, smart, witty, and oh god SO INDIAN. She doesn’t realise it, but honestly, Dimple is as Indian as you can get. Whenever she speaks, it just sounds so Indian in my head??? IDK. But I love that!! I love that they’ve kept her true to her roots, and have really brought out her culture and who she is as a person. But I also like the fact that she questions a lot of customs and traditions, cuz I do that too, and I loved seeing things I don’t agree with being openly put out there in the book. I love that she’s so passionate about coding!! Everything computer related is so stereotyped towards boys, so it’s great to see a girl light up at the idea of coding, even though I don’t relate to that at any level whatsoever. I did get a bit annoyed with her at some parts- I felt she was a bit over dramatic, but eh I can deal with it.

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Rishi was the highlight of the book for me. The first thing that stood out to me? HE WAS NOT OVERLY ATTRACTIVE. Average looking boys need to be represented more, cuz not everyone is chiseled AF- I have an entire discussion post on that right here. I love the way he stands up for what he believes in, and he’s totally unafraid because of how strong his belief is. And his sarcasm is goals, I LAUGH SO HARD EVERY TIME VENKJENWFERFU. I also lovelovelove how proud he is of Indian culture?? I feel so many Indian teens try to be really western and really look down upon Indian culure cuz some people don’t consider it “cool” and I find that so dumb, cuz we have the most diverse, warm, amazing, frejhfbejrwfnipqwpb culture ever, and everyone should be proud of their roots!! And Rishi was also such a hopeless romantic, and he was so cute and sweet and ahhhhhh I JUST WANNA GIVE HIM A HUG HE’S SO NICE. And also a quick word on Ashish- Rishi’s brother (is that his name? I hope that’s his name. It’ll be embarrassing if it’s not) He really added some excitement and fun which had been lacking in the second half, especially with all the dance rehearsals he did- I LOVED THOSE.

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The romance was cute…upto an extent. I did have some issues but there were many parts I enjoyed.  I’d honestly loved Dimple and Rishi’s friendship even more than I had enjoyed their romance. They’d hit off really well as friends, and I’d loved their ease and natural connection together. I’d also loved their romance at many parts- it was quirky, fluffy and really really sweet.

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What I Didn’t Like:

So as I mentioned in my first paragraph- the book had a plot in the first half. WHICH IT COMPLETELY LOST TRACK OF AFTER IT HIT THE MIDWAY MARK. Idk, the book seemed to just zoom in onto the romance, until it was staring at the romance RIGHT IN THE FACE AND LOOKING DEEP INTO IT’S EYES AND WAS SO FOCUSED ON IT that the plot managed to walk right past and dump itself in a bin. The book became kinda repetitive, and boring, and really cliche after the middle. I enjoy a good romance, BUT NOT WHEN IT EATS UP THE PLOT. I also wasn’t a big fan of the writing. I liked some of the quotes, but the writing kinda didn’t have a connection with me, which might be why I lost interest after a point.

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The romance became way too cliche and cheesy and repetitive and unoriginal for my liking, and it started seeming like any other book which had lost it’s sense of direction and decided its only salvation is some ugh romance. Like DECIDE kids!!! Do you wanna be together, are you good for each other, is this just a fling, are you breaking up, WHAT?! Stop tangling all of this into an entire mess!

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And idk after a point it all kinda got unrealistic and stupid for me?? Weird talent shows, unnecessary drama and ‘whatever’ dialogues ended with me rolling my eyes a lot.

Related image

Though it seems like there’s not much I didn’t like, all of these things I mentioned were enough to make this book not so enjoyable for me, which is a real let down.



3 stars. The book was average- pretty meh actually, definitely didn’t live up to all that buzz and hype surrounding it. If this is on your TBR, I wouldn’t tell you you HAVE to strike it off, but I sure don’t think you need to make it a priority!

Did you read this book? Do you plan on reading it? Let’s chat!

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Book Review- When Dimple Met Rishi

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  1. You’re so right, this book has been sooooo hyped!! For me that always either makes a book way better or utterly disappointing. WHY DO THEY DO DIS???? ☹️

    I haven’t read this book, but I’ve been wondering about it. I’m glad I found your review!! The premise sounds really awesome because I love the role reversal with the girl into coding and the guy as the romantic. But I hate when books focus SO MUCH on the romance drama!!

    Great review, your gif selection was EXCELLENT! I think I’ll avoid this one for now. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactlyyyy hype around books totally messes up my life.
      Yeah, the premise of the book had seemed so interesting to me too, but I guess my expectations for this book we’re a bit too high.
      I wouldn’t tell you to avoid this book completely, but you definitely don’t need to prioritize it over other books.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh yes! This is exactly how I felt after I finished When Dimple Met Rishi! It was a light hearted, meh book that I managed to finish but didn’t go ‘whoaaa’ about!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am total cheesy Bollywood movie lover.. so u can imagine how I loved the book.. it was quite fun… I also liked that it was a YA book with Indians in the US, which is not something I have read before.. it was so relatable, I probably just loved it like comfort food..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Uuuu I knew I had to stay away from the hype a little while before reading this one! I feel like a whole lot more meh reviews are pouring in after it died down a little. BUT it’s still on my TBR ok I shall read and seeeee.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Omg I completely agree with what you’ve said! This book was so cheesy and the plot definitely did dump itself in the bin halfway through it lol. I did not feel connected to the writing either, it switched between each character so much and their voices almost felt the same. And yesss that talent show was so random. But the representation of Indian people and culture was really great. Awesome review 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess exactly, i think that’s why my expectations were too high! I won’t tell you to strike it off your tbr cuz it isn’t that bad, but I dont think you need to prioritse it over other books! Hopefully you’ll like it more than I did!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I get why you liked this book, Dimple was such an against-the-stereotype kinda girl, but I felt that she got annoyed with people SO easily and took things out on rich even though the hardly knew each other in the beginning??? And RISHI I really liked himmm and yesss he’s not overly attractive AND FINALLY??? Like why cant we just have more people that are REALISTIC in books??? I felt that there was something missing, and I loved the culture in the beginning, however, as soon as they arrived at the computer-thing-event it became all about drama?? like the dinner scene?? and I think that that made it lose some of the cuteness! GREAT REVIEW ❤


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