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So today is the birthday of one of the most important fictional characters in my life- the character who introduced me to the wonderful fictional world, the character who taught me so much about myself, the character who made me laugh enough to make my sides hurt- AHHHH ITS PERCY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And today is the day when Percy has finally turned 18!! He’s an adult now! I don’t think I can ever imagine Percy as an adult. Sure he’s one of the most powerful demigods ever, sure he’s a child of one of the Big Three. But to me, he’s always going to be that sarcastic, goofy, sweet and slightly dumb boy I first read of in The Lightning Thief. The fact that he’s 18 now amazes me, because I started reading about him when both him and I were 12, and now he’s 18, and I’m still a month away from turning 15. HOW DID HE GET SO OLD SO QUICK. MY LITTLE BABY IS GROWING UP.

Percy Jackson was, and is, my favourite series of all time. Its not the best series I’ve read, and it is very middle schooly- but it’s the series which first pulled me into this enchanting fictional world- how can I not have a soft spot for it? Yes its supposed to be mainly a light-hearted series for kids, but its taught me sooo much. Its taught me that you can find friends in the oddest of places, and you’re never truly alone. Its taught me that sometimes, you’re a lot more than you think you are, and if you find the confidence, you can be everything you want to be. Its taught me to live life to the fullest, even if it means asking stupid questions along the way, its taught me that you can always find a reason to laugh, no matter how small. And most importantly, its taught me to never give up. It teaches so many people around the world that it’s totally okay to be who you are and who you want to be.

Seriously, I’ve gotten all my major life lesson from this series. Not to mention that it’s one of the most fun series I’ve ever read! So really, no matter how old and mature and whatnot I become- I will always, ALWAYS love Percy Jackson just the same way I loved it when I first read it. Thankyou Rick Riordan, for making such a special and amazing series a part of our lives too.

(A bookmark for each cabin in honor of Percy Jackson)


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  1. !!! I never knew it was Percy’s birthday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!!!!!!!!😁 I wrote my review yesterday without knowing that today is his birthday! Thanks for reminding me (I blame my horrible memory)!

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