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So today is the fateful day, when the Boy Who Lived has caught up with his age in the epilogue of Deathly Hallows- Harry Potter has turned 37 years old. I honestly can’t believe it. I’d started the Harry Potter series quite late- when I was 12 years old, but that did nothing to affect how much I fell in love with it. I was immediately sucked into the wizarding world and felt like I was a part of every adventure of the book. Each page gave to me a bundle of memories and so many emotions. Every book kept getting better and better, and made my love for this enchanting series grow unconditionally. I’ve made friends in these books- they may be fictional, but reading about them through these seven books has brought me so close to all the characters, especially Harry- that I think of all of them as people who I know. It’s so hard to believe that Harry is now an adult. I’m always going to imagine him as the young 12 year old boy, uncertain of his abilities and of the new world around him. Watching him grow up into the courageous, loyal friend he became in Deathly Hallows was so emotional, imagining him as a grown man is almost frightening.

I’ve learnt so many important lessons from this book- things which no one teaches us at school. I’ve learnt to be confident, kind, loyal, brave, forgiving, and how friendship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s taught me that people are not always how they seem, and that even the evil have just a bit of light in them. It has played such an important part in shaping me and who I am, and there are so many memories these books and characters have given me that I will carry forever. Harry is such an amazing character himself, and has faults which any normal person would have, which makes him so much more real.

Today is also the birthday of the creator of this magical world, the woman who brought this spell binding dimension into our lives- J.K Rowling. So I’d also like to thank her, because this series is one of those which has made me the reader I am today. She is an inspiration to anyone who wants to write and to all those people who read- because she has shown how she started from nowhere- and then emerged as one of the best writers of all time. This series means so much to so many people, and it (obviously) wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her.

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So thankyou Harry, for being such an important part of my life, and for inspiring me, I’ve made so many memories with this series- ones I wouldn’t trade for the world.




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