Book Review- The Name of the Wind: New Favourite Book???

Book- The Name of the Wind (#1 of the Kingkiller Chronicle) Author- Patrick Rothfuss Publisher- Penguin Group DAW Publishing Date- March 27th, 2007 uM. Why has it taken me so long to get my hands on this?? I am OBSESSED. Patrick Rothfuss is officially on my Top Ten Authors List, and this book is officially one... Continue Reading →


The 100 Truths Blogger Tag- Picking Up Yet Another Opportunity to Ramble About Myself

Hey guys! It's been a while- it was my birthday a couple days ago which is when I initially planned to post this, (I'll take any excuse to talk about myself) but I forgot all about it on the day of my birth, so here it is now! I'm finally 16, and it feels AMAZING... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award pt. 3!!

Soo, guess who disappeared for a while again?! My school officially started around a week ago, and since it's my junior year and I'm doing IB, the pressure is already HIGH. I probably won't be blogging as frequently as before, maybe just once a week, and if I'm lucky, twice, but I'll try my best... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Restore Me

Book- Restore Me (#4 of Shatter Me) Author- Tahereh Mafi Publisher- HarperCollins Publication Date- March 6th, 2018 Yes, I know this is the fourth book of a series, and yes, I know I haven't reviewed any other books in this series on my blog, but I read this today and I JUST HAD TO WRITE... Continue Reading →

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