How To Be In a Relationship With A Bookworm

Ironic that the most single girl in the universe is writing this post, BUT OH WELL THAT ISN'T GONNA STOP ME. Judging off my own personality, as well as some of my other bookish friends, dating a bookworm is probably not the easiest thing. We're moody, we prefer books over people, we're usually this close... Continue Reading →


Alternate Universe for My Favourite Books and Characters- weird concept I don’t know how to explain

Helloo! I went M.I.A for a little bit because the last week was literally so. HECTIC. I had like 4 tests, SAT prep (which is KILLING me btw), so many activities, and so much stuff to do, but I am now done with those, and I have a tad bit of free time on my... Continue Reading →

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